I’m Indiana bound

Weather: Shitty outside, but a good day for a ride

Trail Conditions: Fun but still pretty wet in areas

Did you every think that cops give out less speeding tickets when it is raining out there?  Well I always did.  Not that I am a speed demon or anything but when I travel I would rather it be rainy outside, thinking it would be less likely for the police to be sitting along side the road running radar.  So I’ll probably set the cruise at a few extra miles per hour.  Well it is off to Indiana to go pick up my mom to bring her back for the summer.  Man I sure hope summer comes this year. Forecast for the weekend looks pretty good, 70’s and sunny for Friday and Saturday, but then rain for a fricken week.

I’ll be off line for a few days. Mom don’t have internet.  Yep that’s right, at least one house hold does not have internet in Indiana.  See you all on Friday……

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