Rain today, Sunny Tuesday?

Weather: Rain again today

Trail Conditions: No dust on the trails today

June 2nd, only 6 more months till the snowmobile trails open again LOL. Actually we have had a little burst here and there.  But for the most part it is rather dead up here 9-10 months of the year.  I don’t like to just dwell on snowmobile season and not pay attention to all the other activities or seasons we have up here but winter pays the bills and with that comes a lot of interesting people and good friends we have met over the 7 years we have owned the bar.  Not that I haven’t met some interesting people over the other 9-10 months.

The ATV Clubs are making a lot of progress working with the DNR, US Forest Service and Michigan Dept. of Transportation, the problem is that it takes time. I hear comments in the bar like “don’t you people realize how much business you could have if you got an ATV trail system like your snowmobile trail system”.  I promise you, no one wants that more than the businesses and atv clubs in the UP.

There is so much effort to be GREEN and do what ever we can to build and finance non-motorized activities, but we are left on out own to establish motorized activities.  Why this is I have no idea.  The old joke about the hikers and bikers wanting a hot cup of water so they can use their own tea bag is not too far from the truth.  Although I do have a few groups that break that mold all to hell.

The bottom line I think is, if you ever get a chance to join a club or talk to a congressmen, please do what you can to help us out. The GREENIES that do not want motorized activities are very active, it seems like the people that want motorized activities are busy working their jobs so they can come up here and spend their money.  Just my 2 cents worth.

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