Bergland Food Store – Huge discounts going on now

Weather: GREAT

Trail Conditions: Have at er………

Friday in Bergland and all is well.  At least if you don’t need anything from the store all is well.  Things don’t look good for our Bergland Food Store.  I don’t know for sure what is going on but the insurance company does not seem to be in any big hurry to pay.  Now we are stuck with a huge eye sore that is probably going to start stinking real soon.  That will be just fricken great for what is left of our town.  Antonios Restaurant and the Lake Gogebic Motel have to deal with that eye sore right across from their businesses.  The Township does not have any money to clean up the mess so only time will tell what is going to happen.

Maybe I can turn Sullys into a corner grocery store

Teacher turns to her class and says “Today class, we are going to pick out some big words and use them in a sentence. Jenny would you like to go first?” 

“Yes Ma’am. Hypocrite. That boy was a hypocrite. He said it was not OK to go outside and play. Then he went out to play” 

“Very Good Jenny!” 

Little Johnny jumps up in the back of the room waving his hands. “Yes Johnny” “I have a big one!” He exclaimed. 

Sighing the teacher holds her hands together and prays silently, “Go ahead Johnny” she says. 

“Harassment!” says Little Johnny, “Her mouth said no, but harassment yes!”


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