What a nice send off


Weather: Ahhhhh  Gloomy

Trail Conditions: Good day for a ride.  If you have a roof…

I went to Neil Klamber’s Celebration of life yesterday.  I can only say I don’t think there is that many people I like, let alone that many people showing up to give me a nice send off.  It was a very nice ceremony and he had a lot of people telling stories about what a jokester he was.  I can really say it was an honor to have know Neil for the last couple of years.

Other than that there is not a lot going on, we had a free ATV and fishing weekend but I really didn’t see many extra people around town.

The weather is getting a lot nicer and the mosquitos seem to be dying down a little.  Don’t take it the wrong way, there are stil a ton of them but it seems a little less.  But riding down the trail you won’t get a bite.


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