WTF is wrong with my apple

Weather: Beautiful

Trail Conditions: Got to be great

The track pad on my Mac went haywire.  I managed to get into an apple forum and one of the solutions was to hit the track pad hard.  I did it and so far so good.  Weird though.

My brother Mark, his friend Mark and their wives came over from Minnesota to spend the weekend down at the county park with my mom.  (good thing their names weren’t Darrel) I don’t think we could have asked for a better night.  We had a nice fire, cold beer, whiskey, Captain Morgan and brats.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.  Full moon and all.

A teacher asks the children to discuss what their fathers do for a living. Little Mary says: “My Dad is a lawyer. He puts the bad guys in jail.” Little Jack says: “My Dad is a doctor. He makes all the sick people better.” All the kids in the class had their turn except Little Johnny. Teacher says: “Johnny, what does your Dad do?” Johnny says: “My Dad is dead.” “I’m sorry to hear that, but what did he do before he died?” “He turned blue and shit on the carpet.”


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