Great day for an ORV Ride

Weather: Raining

Trail Conditions: Very nice

I always start out thinking that I am going to take a lot of pics when we go for a ride.  I don’t know what happens, I guess I just get caught up in the fun.  And I don’t take pictures.  We had a blast yesterday, rain and all.  We left about 1:30 and our first stop was Ewen Building supply to but squeegees and rain-X, then Hoppys in Kenton where everyone filled up on a Sloppy Hoppy Burger.   From there we went east a bit and took the new trail south through the Ottawa down to Watersmeet.  You ride forest roads but it is just gorgeous. Flat and smooth and trees galore.  We tried stopping at times to take in the views but the mosquitos were bad.  In fact I don’t think I have ever seen so damn many mosquitos.  So we just kept on the move and all was fine.  Becker kept our heads above water at the casino, me on the other hand, I was better at drinking beer than gambling.  From Watersmeet we headed North to Ewen, not a good ride trail wise but nice when you want to make time.  It was pizza time at the South Branch and I believe a few more beer and tequilas were consumed.  I think we rolled into Bergland around 12:30.

We didn’t get rained on but it did mist all day making it kind of hard to see out the windshield.  This deer let us get pretty close before bolting back into the woods.




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