I hope the Rain drowns all the Mosquitos

Weather: Rain

Trail Conditions: Very Good

Well it looks like the USA is out of the World Cup, soccer was interesting to me when I was in Austria for the start of the World Cup in 1998.  I was over there for work for 2 weeks and you couldn’t help but get into it.  It was fun sitting in the pubs and watching the fans really get into the game. But after I got back home I started watching football and drinking ice cold beer again.  I will say one thing though, those guys are true athletes, no sitting on the sidelines when the offense is on the field.  I have a lot of respect for them, just don’t care to watch a game.

Not a whole lot else going on around here, guess I just have to sit back and wait for the rain to quit so I can start cutting that damn grass again.

A reporter goes to the hills of West Virginia to research an article about the area. He meets an old man and asks him about memorable moments in his life.

“Well,” says the old man, “one time my favorite sheep got lost. Me and my neighbors got some moonshine and went looking for it. We finally found the sheep. Then, we finished the moonshine and wound up screwing the sheep. It was a lot of fun.”

The reporter asks for another story.

“Well,” says the old man, “one time my neighbor’s pig got lost, so me and all the village men got some moonshine and went out looking for her. We finally found the pig. Then, we finished the moonshine and screwed it. Now that was a lot of fun.”

The frustrated reporter tells the old man that he can’t write articles about these stories and asks if he has any sad memories he can talk about.

The old man says “Well, one time I got lost… .”

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