Fireworks in Bergland Friday

Weather: Let me check my rock, sunny and dry

Trail Conditions: Stay off P trail (unless you like mud)

No answer on what is going on up on the P trail yet.  If headed to Rockland take the VC off of Norwich Rd instead.

Looks like clear and cool for today, Fireworks starting tomorrow, Thursday Wakefield, Friday Bergland, Saturday Walleye Lodge.

Thanks to Dave Nemi we got the drain for the wash machine hooked up yesterday.  Now gas and a dryer vent and we are good to go.  My daughter came up Sunday and surprised us so it is kind of slow going, them little grandkids take up a little bit of our time.

A leprechaun walks into a bar. After several pitchers of beer, the leprechaun runs over to a large, mean-looking guy, sticks out his tongue and spits all over his legs. The guy reaches out to grab the leprechaun, only to miss him as he jumps back to his seat.

“If you know what’s good for you, don’t come near me again, or I’ll rip off your little tallywagger,” yells the mean-looking guy.

After a few more pitchers, the leprechaun runs over to the mean-looking guy, sticks out his tongue and spits all over his legs again. This time, the guy successfully catches the leprechaun.

“All right, I’ve got you this time. I warned you — now I’m gonna rip off your little tallywagger!”

The leprechaun laughs, “You can’t do that.”

“Why not?” asks his captor.

“Because,” giggles the leprechaun, “leprechauns don’t have tallywaggers.”

“Whadda ya mean you don’t have a tallywagger?” growls the angry man, “How in the hell do you pee?”

“Just like this,” laughs the leprechaun as he sticks out his tongue and spits.

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