Weather: Supposed to be nice for a few days

Trail Conditions: Stay off P trail (unless you like mud)

Fireworks tonight in Wakefield.  Bessemer’s is probably tomorrow.  Both have excellent displays.  But I think tomorrow we will stay in Bergland and watch them here.  I didn’t but any this year, I am going to do it on New Years Eve again at the bar.

Not much more going on around town.  I got the wash machine going last night and I am going to start working on the dryer today.  I hate plumbing.

A man was riding a bus, minding his own business, when the gorgeous woman next to him started to breast-feed her baby.

The baby wouldn’t take it, so she said, “Come on sweetie, eat it all up or I’ll have to give it to this nice man next to us.”
Five minutes later, the baby was still not feeding, so she said, “Come on, honey. Take it or I’ll give it to this nice man here.”
A few minutes later, the anxious man blurted out, “Come on kid.  Make up your mind!  I was supposed to get off four stops ago!

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