Update from Mi-Trale

Tom, thanks for the note.

The P trail took a beating the last few years and the past winter only made it worse. We requested and have funding to repair both ends of the trail this year. The problem now has been to locate contractors. We have had grading done on your end from the trail head to Russell Creek (about 3.4 miles). So the west end(Bergland to Norwich) is safe for now. The hole you were at is next. We had hoped to get to it last week, but need to wait for final approval from Plum Creek(land owner). I visited the area with the Plum Creek senior forester last week and he agreed that it needs to be corrected, but wanted to wait until August when it would be drier. I have since gotten back to him (last Wednesday) to see if we can use the same contractor that we used at the west end to at least make it passable, and then clean it up in August. I plan on following up with him on Monday.

The gate is closed. After the visit with Plum Creek, he locked the gate and I did not have anything with me to mow a path around it. I will get out there next week to cut a path and place some signs up.


For now I would suggest that you have your guests take the Pioneer to Norwich, then take the Victoria cutoff to Old Victoria, and pick up the Pioneer there. I hope to get this section fixed soon.


Some added information for you. We have requested and received approval to have a complete ground inventory completed by MTU of the Pioneer trail system with a report of what has to be done to remediate it and then maintain it using a 1, 3, and 5 year cycle. Also we should be moved over to the new section of trail out of Bergland next year, or in 2016. This will take us out of the low wet area and move us up on the ridge, We are waiting for the logging to be completed and the road work to be finalized. Finally, Plum Creek has provided us with a verbal approval to use the snowmobile trail out of Old Victoria toward Rockland. We need to submit a written request with the requested route for final approval. This will remove a portion of the black top that we now use.


Hope this helps you get caught up on these trails. Yes you can get to Greenland. The trail goes to Firesteel Road. If Jim wants to get them to his place, he will have to get the business signage up to direct the riders to the location.




Donald Helsel

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