A crappy Tuesday in Bergland is better than a nice day else where

Weather: Shitty today, crappy tomorrow, Nice Thursday

Trail Conditions: Dust is wet

Mild up here the next few days.  I can handle 60’s, hopefully the mosquitos can’t.  Actually they have calmed down a lot.  Yesterday they were not bad until night time.  I guess the rain woke them all up.  Going on an atv ride with Holly and that damn Miller, hopefully Helmut and Dee from White Pine will join us.  If anyone is around we will be leaving the bar at 11:00 am EST tomorrow.  I have to state EST because Miller is from some other time zone.  Hopefully this way he will not get confused and forget his wallet like he usually does.

Tomorrow should be a good day for a ride, we are going to try to get up to the Pit Stop to see Jim.

I am running out of places to find jokes, email me your favorite so I can post it. ( that is if I can post it )

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