Went for the atv ride yesterday from Bergland

Weather: High 70’s and Sunny today

Trail Conditions: Muddy but fun

We took off yesterday for a ride with Miller and went up to the Pit Stop in Greenland.  A lady named Janice emailed me and said they bulldozed the lower half of the P trail leaving Bergland so we decided to give it a try. All I can say is WOW, what a blast.  The first 4 miles of the P north of Bergland is very wet, I see why the USFS wants to move the trail.  There is a lot of mud and water running down from the hills.  When traveling through there take it easy and try not to tear up the trails, spinning the tires (ALTHOUGH IT MAY BE FUN) will only make the mud holes deeper.  Milage wise I think the Pitstop was around 50 miles from Bergland going up the P, then taking Norwich rd down to the VC trail then into Rockland for a “pee” stop then on to Greenland via the C and G trail I think.  Coming back when we hit Norwich rd we went south to the SB and came into Bergland with milage around 40 miles.  We left at 11 am and got back around 6pm, we only stopped a few times, 4 miles north on the P, at Henrys for 1 drink and a pee, at the Pitstop to eat and again at the Norwich while headed back.  Once again I failed to take pictures, something about being out there having fun I guess I just forget about all of you at home.  So I guess you will just have to come up here and see it for yourself.

PS Guess what Miller forgot his wallet again, Thank you Holly for a nice lunch at the Pitstop.

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