Doing fine in Bergland

Weather: Rain early then clearing up.

Trail Conditions: Fun

For those of you wondering how I am doing, I’m doing just fine this morning.  I put my symptoms in Yahoo Health and seen some interesting things.

1. Panic Disorder – Well it all started when I miss place and envelope full of $20 bills for the ATM.

2. Heart Attack – Well although I am not physically fit, I didn’t have the neck or shoulder pain.

3. Pregnancy Care – Does Becker telling me to go F#@! myself count? This could be it.

4. Acute Mountain Sickness – Something hikers and Skiers get, again not physically fit probably rules this out.

I think 4 more dealt with pregnancy and a few with diabetes.  At any rate I am doing fine and will be back at work today.  Ginger from Antonios stepped in to Bartend and Kristie came into work the rest of the night for me.  Thank you both so much.

My plan of action is this, I booked a flight to Mexico this afternoon.  In the morning I am going to sneak back over the boarder.  Then I will be able to go get checked out and find out what is going on with me with the best healthcare our Government can afford.

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