ATV’s in Bergland

Weather: High 70’s and clear again.

Trail Conditions: Couldn’t be any better

Timberline Sports (Mark and Marlin the Ski Doo Dealer) are going to have ATV’s for rent very soon.  They had to jump through hoops to get an atv dealership added to their business but they are awaiting delivery of their new units.  Any day now you will be able to rent an ATV or side by side right here in Bergland. WOW something new coming to town.  It may not sound that big to you but it is huge for us.

I have seen more atv’s this year than any other.  We are not getting a lot of business yet from them but it is building.  The ATV clubs made huge progress last year with opening the trail in the Ottawa Forest and getting legislation changed down in Lansing to allow us to approach MDOT if we needed to use a small section of a state highway to connect to another trail or town.

It is going to take a while before we get our atv trails up to where our snowmobile trails are, but we will get there.

So throw your machine on a trailer or in back of your truck and come on up.


And remember, you can always go fishing at the Bergland dam, you never know what you may catch there.

girl at dam

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