New Mi-Trale Map

Weather: High 70’s and clear for the whole week ahead

Trail Conditions: Couldn’t be any better, might be dusty

Forecast still looks great, hopefully it stays true.  We had an OK weekend at the bar, seen a few atv’s.  ATV riding in the UP is pretty confusing, even local people and businesses give out bad information.  The DNR and US Forest Service only give out info for areas they control.  The best single source to find out where you can legally ride is the Mi-Trale map.  It covers Ontonogan, Gogebic, Houghton, Baraga and Iron Counties.

I have had people say they do not like the new map, they like the old one better.  I can see where when riding it would be more convenient to have a single page, but after looking at the map book at home I have to commend Mi-Trale for doing a great job on providing so much information.  They even have loops suggested for rides, long or short.  I guess I will just have to take the map book on the road to see for myself.  What the hell, it is a good excuse for a road trip anyway.

To get a copy goto 


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