Football anyone?

Weather: Nice, 70’s during the day and cool at night

Trail Conditions: Nice day for a ride

It was cool this morning.  Turned on the heat for a few minutes to take the chill off the house.  Awe..this getting to be the season. Hopefully only a few more grass cuttings and I can put the damn lawn mower away for the year. Next week shows highs in the 40’s.

The bar was packed at 7pm last night for the Michigan games but fans were sadly disappointed I bet.  Same went for the Packer game. Things didn’t go too well. Now the only hope is for the Lions on Monday night.



Jesus was worried about the drug epidemic plaguing the world. In an effort to solve this dilemma, he decided that a few apostles would return to earth and fetch a sample of each drug, so they could understand what these substances did.

Two days after the operation is implemented, the disciples begin to return. Jesus, waiting at the door, lets in each disciple: “Who is it?” “It’s Mark” Jesus opens the door. “What did you bring Mark?” “Marijuana from Colombia” “Very well son, come in.”

Another soft knock is heard. “Who is it?” “It’s Matthew” Jesus opens the door. “What did you bring Matthew?” “Cocaine from Bolivia” “Very well son, come in.”

At the next knock Jesus asks, “Who is it?” “It’s John” Jesus opens the door. “What did you bring John?” “Crack from New York” “Very well son, come in.”

Someone starts pounding on the door. “Who is it?” “It’s Judas” Jesus opens the door. “What did you bring Judas?” “FREEZE! THIS IS THE FBI!”

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