Vikings are leading their division

Weather: Nice, 70’s during the day and cool at night still but rain tomorrow

Trail Conditions: Nice day for a ride

Beautiful outside, then rain.  Enjoy it while it is here, it won’t be long before that white shit starts flying.  Or maybe it won’t be soon enough, all depends on which side of the sled you wake up on I guess.

Colors are starting to turn, slowly but surely, lows in the high 30’s later this week ought to kick that in the ass.  October 13th is our 7th annual Grouse Tournament, come on up and have some fun shooting those little helpless birdies out of the sky.

September 27th is the Veterans Outdoor World USA, Veterans “Run for the Colors” ORV Ride. If you have a side by side come on up and help us give a vet a ride. See previous post from Skip for details.

Crap I didn’t say anything about the Vikings,

Do you know why Iowa does not have a professional football Team?

If they did, Minnesota would want one too!

Did you hear Jay Cutler called Aaron Rogers up on the phone Friday?

Cutler: Knock Knock

Rogers: Who’s there?

Cutler: Owen

Rogers: Owen Who?

Cutler: Owen One

I wonder what Rogers said to Cutler Sunday Night?

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