Getting close to Freezing

Weather: Low near 33 tonight

Trail Conditions: Mud hole on the P trail north of the Norwich use VC trail

I have the little house open for rent this winter. $100 a night for up to 3 people, $125 a night for 4-5 people with a 3 night minimum. I’ll get pics online here shortly.

I am going to stay up all night and see if a snow flake comes down.  LOL The snow will be flying soon enough.  I have a few webcam issues going on, get one going and 2 have problems.  The one by my house is not updating pics right now. I’m not sure if it was because of Charter Cable or if something else is going on. Give it a day or two, I worked on it for a while last night but I became brain dead. Damn computers anyway. I also need to go fix the one on Bergland Bay, the wind pushed it around a bit and I need to readjust the camera.

20 years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Now we have no Cash, no Hope and no Jobs. Please don’t let Kevin Bacon die!

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