Boring in Bergland

To do or not to do? as you can read I am at a loss for words this morning. not a lot going on. Or is it that the tequila was going down to good last night and I killed the few good brain cells I had left. We took my truck in to the shop last night after I got off work, I sure dread getting that bill next week. Brakes, ball joints and who knows what else. I think plowing has sure taken it’s toll on the ole Excursion. But it has been a good truck and deserves a few dollars thrown it’s way. Probably quite a few.

Lions play today at noon, come on in and enjoy Happy Hour as we watch them extend their lead in their division. Forgot my computer at the bar last night so I am typing on the stupid iPad. What a pain in the ass, but hey, it works I guess. Fall is here, lots of leaves on the ground, we actually ran into sleet on the way home from Ewen last night. I was hoping to see a few BIG white flakes but it did not happen. It will be here soon enough I guess, but there is something about that first snow that gives me a woody.

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