So you think you got me

I had an interesting night last night. The bar was dead yesterday so I closed up around 7pm. On my way home Michigan’s finest pulled me over because I crossed the centerline. My 2001 Excursion with 160k miles on it tends to do that a little LOL. First question out of his mouth is “have you been drinking”. I gave him the typical answer “I had 2 beers”.  He asked me when I last drank a beer, “I poured the last half of one down the drain 2 minutes ago before I left the bar” I said.  I told him I was tired because I was out late the night before and I was on my way home. He took my license and went back to his car. After returning he asked me to step out and do some field sobriety tests. He had me follow his finger without moving my head for about a full minute. Say ABC’s, count backwards and forwards and then stand on on foot and count 1-1 thousand, 2-1 thousand, I laughed and told him I couldn’t do that. He asked me why and I said the ground is uneven, my legs hurt and I am out of shape and over weight. LOL I thought I did the rest of his tests OK but he still asked me to blow in a breathalyzer. WTF, so much for giving a guy a fair chance. Well I blew a .00 so sorry to disappoint you.

Weather: 40’s chance of rain but then look out the rest of the week

Trail Conditions: Mud hole on the P trail north of the Norwich use VC trail

I have the little house open for rent this winter. $100 a night for up to 3 people, $125 a night for 4-5 people with a 3 night minimum.


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