Beef is what’s for dinner!

Kristie was a cooking yesterday.  She had a special going on for Happy Hour. Beer and a burger for $6. Regular was only $5.75, maybe I need to give her a raise? But she did throw in a pickle so I guess everything worked out OK. LOL

It’s a slow start cooking this year, but as always it is either feast or famine. We won’t kick into high gear until after Dec 25th. (which is only 50 days away)

We will be cooking on and off through deer season, if you got a group that wants beef let me know ahead of time and I will make sure we can accommodate you.

Weather: In the 30’s today, snow on the way

Trail Conditions: Mud hole on the P trail north of the Norwich use VC trail

I have the little house open for rent this winter. $100 a night for up to 3 people, $125 a night for 4-5 people with a 3 night minimum.


A  man met a beautiful  blonde lady and he decided he wanted to marry her right away.
She said, but we don’t know anything about each other.
He said, that’s all right, we’ll  learn about each other as we go along.
She consented and they were married and went on a honeymoon to a very nice resort.
One morning they were lying by the pool, when he got up off of his towel, climbed up to the 10 Meter board and did a two and a half tuck gainer followed by a three rotations in a  jackknife position then he straightened out and cut the water  like a knife.
After a few more demonstrations, he came back and lay down on the towel.
She said,’ That was incredible!
He said, I used to be an Olympic diving champion.
You see, I told you we’d learn more about ourselves as we went along.
So she got up jumped in the pool and started doing laps, after about fifty laps she climbed back out and lay down on her towel, hardly out of breath. 
He said, that was incredible, were you an Olympic endurance swimmer? ‘No.’ she said, ‘I was a hooker in the U. P. of Michigan and worked both sides of Lake Gogebic.

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