Porky says it all

More snow. Happy happy joy joy I guess. Although all of you are having fun watching the webcams, every one up here, and every one trying to get up here is about sick of the damn snow. Porky kind of sums it up


It is still snowing, but possibly tapering off after today. There is some drifting there by Porky, but I think we got a solid 2 foot of snow. Personally I was proud of myself. People that lived in the UP all their lives have been stuck with their plow trucks the last few days all over town, but not me.  Until midnight last night. And then BAM, I stuck my truck at midnight when no one was around to give me a tug. 7500 page views yesterday, I guess I will see some of you December 1st.

A little snow blowing humor from Dr. Phil 

Weather: ~24 inches on the ground

Trail Conditions: SNOW

I have the little house open for rent this winter. $100 a night for up to 3 people, $125 a night for 4-5 people with a 3 night minimum.

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