Happy Snowmobile Season Eve

I had a cancelation, The Little House is open December 1st – December 4th.

Awe Snowmobile season Eve, my favorite Holiday. The cold is coming in and the snow is falling. Time for Winter Woodies my friends. I’ll have beef on tomorrow and be open at noon.

Don’t expect miracles out there on the trails right away though, it takes the groomers a while to get the trails in shape, there are still going to be a lot of wet spots out there, but they are going out tomorrow.

If you are wondering why the trails are not groomed and ready for you on December, it probably has to do with private property leases, insurance we have to have on the trail and let’s face it, if they were grooming you would have already been on them. LOL See ya soon………

Our Little House on the Trail is filling up nicely, thanks to all that are staying with us so far this year. My calendar is up to date so email or call me if you want to reserve it. 

Weather: Cold coming in

Trail Conditions: Good Base

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