Trails are open, Beef is on……….

I had a cancelation, The Little House is open December 1st – December 4th

OK lets get the football crap out of the way first. A part of me wanted to see the Packers loose (I hear Packer fans rooting for the Lions to loose all the time) so they would be tied with the Lions. I would like to see the Packers and the Lions tied up for the final game of the season. Then let the best team win the division. But todays game the Packers played their ass off and came out on top. I even heard myself cheering them on. How can you not like Aaron Rodgers (those from Illinois and Minnesota excluded) and the rest of the team for that matter.  What a great game.

Trails are open today, but be patient, you’ll be able to ride, groomers are going to be out, but it is going to take them a while to get in shape. I had people in the bar last night that are going out riding in this morning, I’ll let you know what they say.  For now STAY OFF THE LAKE. Leave that to the crazies……..

Our Little House on the Trail is filling up nicely, thanks to all that are staying with us so far this year. My calendar is up to date so email or call me if you want to reserve it. 

Weather: Cold

Trail Conditions: Good Base

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