Trails are Open But…………..

Where do I start? Hard to get around right now, there are a lot of wet areas out there. The Lake is not safe, not that I would ever say it is but it is too early to be out there. So far I’m told 8 going east to Kenton (make sure you stop in and see Jayne for a Sloppy Hoppy) and down 107 I heard is about the best ride. Getting out of town and up to 102 is not to easy right now, the Bergland access trail is wet. Two guys came in and had to get pulled out of there. There are still a lot of locked gates from what I’m hearing also. If you are coming up this early ask one of the businesses what they are hearing. The cold this week will help, but it is still early.  I’ll have more info tomorrow.

Our Little House on the Trail is filling up nicely, thanks to all that are staying with us so far this year. My calendar is up to date so email or call me if you want to reserve it. 

Weather: Cold

Trail Conditions: Groomers are out packing trails, lots of wet areas

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