Stay off the Highways and R/R Tracks

Weather: A few inches yesterday, but it looks like the temps are creeping up next week, we need sub zero

Trail Conditions: Lots of wet and impassable areas, ask before you go out. Right now 8 east to Kenton, then 3 or 107 south is the best riding I have heard of.

Mother Nature is being a real bitch. First she ruins hunting season and then as snowmobile season starts she sends us no snow and a warm up. It looks like temps are creeping up this weekend, but the following weekend looks to be even higher temps right now. Let’s hope that changes.

A lot of sleds have been riding the tracks and using the highways around Bergland, people are already bitching, when the cops get too many calls they show up in force.  Just a word to the wise, stay off the highways and railroad tracks.

An old man, a boy & a donkey were going to town.

The boy rode on the donkey & the old man walked.

As they went along they passed some people who remarked

that it was a shame the old man was walking and the boy was riding.

The man and boy thought maybe the critics were right,

so they changed positions.

Then, later, they passed some people who remarked,

‘What a shame, he makes that little boy walk.’

So they then decided they’d both walk!

Soon they passed some more people who thought

they were stupid to walk when they had a donkey to ride.

So, they both rode the donkey.

Now they passed some people who shamed them by saying

“how awful to put such a load on a poor donkey”.

 The boy and man figured they were probably right,

so, they decide to carry the donkey.

As they crossed the bridge, they lost their grip on the

animal and he fell into the river and drowned.

The moral of the story?

If you try to please everyone, you might as well kiss your ass goodbye!


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