Early December Riding

Weather: Possible snow tonight, cooler temps the first part of next week

Trail Conditions: Lots of wet and impassable areas, ask before you go out. Right now 8 east to Kenton, then 3 or 107 south is the best riding I have heard of. 3 north was also good.

Don’t try 1 south along the west shore of Gogebic, too wet. 13 south has not been groomed yet but it is passable, 13 north still has the gates locked I am told and 13 will not be groomed until Tuesday. 8 east of Bergland got rough by the end of the day, stands to reason since most people road that way yesterday. 1 north to White Pine was good but heading to Lake of the clouds was bad.

In general most folks were happy to be up riding and they realize what early December can be condition wise. We were swamped yesterday and especially last night. I think Kristie was on roller skates (too warm for ice skates) running around the bar the way she was. Thank you all for stopping in to see us.

The beginning of this week looks pretty good with a chance of snow tonight and tomorrow. We will have to wait and see what the end of next week is going to do. Right now we are headed to high 30’s for next weekend. Hopefully that will change.

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