Good Bad and Ugly

Weather: Warm up for the weekend

Trail Conditions: Some good, some bad, some impassable

Hello out there in snowmobile land. I’m sure most of you seen the groomer in the water hole pic I posted. We are dealing with some bad areas out there. Gogebic Area Grooming (our grooming club) is trying to deal with bad spots the best we can, they are even trying to re-route trail 13 on the west side of Gogebic. We have a lot of wet areas around us and the way the snow came down before the ground froze really made matters worse this year. Early next week temps are supposed to start dropping, we just need to get past this coming weekend.

We have good trails, 1 north to White Pine, 13 south has been broken through and should be groomed by the weekend. 8 east out of Bergland then 3 or 107 or 3 north have been very nice also. Warm temps and high traffic may take it’s toll on these trails as the weekend goes on, I think you will have OK conditions for a while, just remember it is early December

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