Yooper Super Bowl Sunday December 28th

Weather: Rain Monday, Snow Tuesday

Trail Conditions: Not Good

November 15th I was having my roof shoveled off, December 15th I am putting on my speedo and going for a walk around the block. This year started out too promising, we were even complaining that we had too much snow.  And now, 46 degrees and what looks like ice skating rinks as far as the eye can see. Colder and snow on the way this week, but not enough of either. But we’ll see maybe, just maybe the weather will take a drastic turn here real quick.

On a brighter note, I’m sure everyone was not too happy with the results of yesterday’s football games, but I was.  Not that I was really hoping the Packers would loose, but I sure would like to see Greenbay and Detroit tied for the last regular game of the season. It will be like a Yooper Super Bowl. We may just have to have a party at the bar.


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