Cold will help

Weather: Cold this morning (finally)

Trail Conditions: Some good, some bad, some real bad

Watch for a hole in trail 3 1.5 miles north of trail 8. 

The forecast looks pretty good. A little warm up coming this weekend and the first part of next week, and then……..well we can only hope at this point what the forecasts are saying will come true. Right now there is a lot of snow predicted for next week. If it comes it will be good and bad, but mostly good. Some wet areas will benefit as they can use snow to fill in wet spots, others it may hinder freezing up the wet areas. You’ll need to use caution when riding out there, you never know what may be around the next corner. Be careful out there, we want you back later in the year.


Everyone has heard of Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. But have you heard of Rudolf the Brown Nose Reindeer? He is the one that didn’t stop as fast as the other Reindeer.

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