Better than I thought

Weather: Forecasts changing by the hour

Trail Conditions: Some very good, some bad, some very bad

Watch for a hole in trail 3 1.5 miles north of trail 8. 

Christmas hours

Christmas eve Noon to 10pm,

Christmas Day 2pm to10pm

The forecasts are all over the place. Who knows what the hell is going to happen next week. I think I am going to quit guessing what trail conditions are out there.  I thought they would not be too good, some were not, but most of the riders headed east then north or south and ran into very good conditions. Not too many sleds around so that helped conditions stay pretty good too. I usually report worse conditions than what they really are as most of you know that have been following me for a while, such was this weekend so far. Stay tuned, Christmas looks promising….


Just another Friday night at the bar.

IMG_20141219_193139801 (1)



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