Cold coming

Weather: Cooling off after today

Trail Conditions: Go east from Bergland than north or south

Christmas hours

Christmas eve Noon to 10pm,

Christmas Day 2pm to 10pm

36 degrees right now but that is the warmest it will be all week. Temps are going to fall and snow on the way. I didn’t talk to any sledders yesterday, but I am sure conditions are the same. Colder temps this week should help wet areas. 4-8 predicted this week from what I can see right now, then single digits for the weekend.

I enjoy the jokes you post so I thought I would share with you something that happen to me on a recent trip to southern Iowa.
Last week I was driving in Southern Iowa coming out of Fort Madison on Hwy 2 as I pulled in to Donnellson I drove by the local Nativity scene. I noticed that the Three Wisemen all were wearing firefighter helmets?
I pulled in to Casey’s general store for gas and as I went in to pay for the gas I said to the clerk behind the counter “I could not help but notice the Three Wisemen in Nativity scene were wearing firefighter helmets why is that?”
The clerk responded quickly” Well that’s what it says in the Bible!” I replied back that I was not a Biblical scholar but “I had never read anywhere mention of fire helmets”?  At that she pick up the bible from behind the counter went to the passage and said “say’s it right here Three Wisemen came from a farrr’er!!!!” with a Southern Iowa/show me accent!
Have a great Christmas Holiday! See you up there soon. 

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