Holy Shit what a crazy night.

Weather: Warmer today with 1-3 possible

Trail Conditions: Best trails are still east of Bergland then north and south.

Happy New Year everyone. First off I would like to apologize to anyone that had a problem getting a drink last night. I don’t know what the hell happened but it just got nuts about 11:00 last night. I don’t think we ever had that many people in the bar at one time. All I can say is we did what we could. I was told that the fireworks were pretty good, the only glimpse I got of them is on the tv screen which was in black and white. We never even got a chance to pass out champagne.  4am couldn’t come soon enough. LOL

Trails are in better condition, 1-3 inches of snow possible today. More snow and cold is forecasted for next week too. I gotta go, I’m not sure anyone will want a damn drink today, but I have to get the bar back open at noon.

We wish everyone a happy 2015, thank you very much for patronizing our place.

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