Cold and Snow, Starting now

If you booked my little house please check the dates on the online calendar and see that they are blocked out. I lost my online calendar earlier and lost some of my rental info. Email me if your dates show available Please. 

11:30pm 1-3-15

Weather: Getting cold and starting to snow

Trail Conditions: Not much good to report on the Gogebic Area trails.

Reports from riders today were not good. 13 north and south were all tore up. 8 east was rough, 8 west was rough. I didn’t hear any complaints about 1 going down the west shore or going up to White Pine. Traffic was way down today, hopefully the groomers can get things back in shape. The Lake is being well traveled but be careful out there, it seems when temps take a nose dive is when heaves start popping up. The next week temps are single digits for highs, snow is also in the forecast starting tonight.

Best riding is still east of here towards Bruce Crossing and Kenton and then north and south. If you go 109 North of Silver Mountain to Twin Lakes use 12 to get to trail 3.

I’ll probably be out of beefs tomorrow sometime. My dumbass screwed up when I ordered this week. (I though New Years day was Saturday and ……….ah never mind, I plain ole screwed up) But hey, try one of my burgers, they’re pretty damn good I’m told.

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