Big improvement in the trails

1-6-15 10:00pm

Weather: Cold and snow 3-5 inches already

Trail Conditions: Most are in pretty good condition

The groomers are starting to get things back into shape. 13 to Rockland is even ridable now. Big difference overall today over the last week. And that was before we got the snow. A little more snow may be coming our way also. I think it will be a good weekend condition wise. I think it may be time to say “gentlemen, get your asses up here.”

I get asked from time to time about going off trail. I know a guy that will take you on some extreme off trail rides. He charges a fee but I don’t think you would be disappointed. This is the guy Click here too For serious riders only, if your interested email me and I’ll put you in touch with him.

A sled Bag was Found out on trail 3 near south range. If you lost one out there email me and I will put you in touch with the guy who found it.

If you booked my little house please check the dates on the online calendar and see that they are blocked out. I lost my online calendar earlier and lost some of my rental info. Email me if your dates show available Please.

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