OK time to get your asses up here

1-13-15 6:30pm

Weather: Cold but warmer for the weekend

Trail Conditions: Good to getting a lot better

OK, now I’ve told you about the shitty conditions we have had all year, and for the most part people that have come into the Bar have been pretty understanding and mostly glad to be riding. Well I got good news, things are getting a lot better fast. I even heard 102 and 13 north are in pretty good shape. 8 west is froze up for the most part. It will probably be a busy week end with the holiday and temps warming up a bit, but I think we will be in good shape until everyone beats the hell out of the trails this weekend. Hey every Holiday weekend they usually end up going to shit. But I think you will see a huge improvement in the Lake Gogebic/Bergland area trails from here on out. Hope to see ya soon, enjoy the rest of the year.



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