Out of beef until Tuesday

1-19-15 9:45am

Weather: Temps in the 20’s for a high the next few days

Trail Conditions: OK to fair to rough

Yesterday for the first time in 8 years of doing a trail report I was accused of “sugar coating” conditions. In my defense all I can say is I can not predict how good or how bad the conditions are going to be at the end of the day. I have to take my best guess and go with it a lot of times. I was told 8 east to Ewen made their plowed fields back home feel smooth. That was from a Minnesota guy and they usually cut us a lot of slack. We have had a lot of problems and I am not making any excuses, all I can say is I will report what I hear from riders.

We have been behind the 8 ball all year. This weekend hit and all hell broke lose. I said from the beginning warm weather and heavy traffic was going to take its toll on the trails and it did, even more so than I thought. Hopefully we will get things back in shape this week and I will have better news tomorrow.

I am totally out of beef until Tuesday afternoon. This is the first time I will be out for that long since I started cooking 7 years ago.

A shout out from the Manteno boys to everyone back home.

I get asked from time to time about going off trail. I know a guy that will take you on some extreme off trail rides. He charges a fee but I don’t think you would be disappointed. This is the guy Click here too For serious riders only, if your interested email me and I’ll put you in touch with him.


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