1-25-15 11:30pm

Weather: Cooler, then after Thursday temps drop, hopefully Monday morning we awaken to a few fresh inches of snow.

Trail Conditions: Trails were better today, keep on grooming guys.

Big improvement overall but we got a ways to go to get the trails in good shape. Hopefully we get better every day now.

My little house is open the next few days, give me a buzz if it fits into your schedule.

Trail 8 detour starts tomorrow, Snowmobile Detour the red shows were the trail was and the green is showing the detour. Using the Lake will get you into Bergland the fastest when coming from the west. This will be the route for the rest of the year, they are doing work on the closed section.

Thanks to a lovely Lady name Ann on the east shore we have a new thermometer on the porcupine.  Ann sent her husband into the bar with it so I would replace the one that was not working. Tonight I got a chance to go out there and holy crap, I thought I was going to die. After I climbed the snow bank I kept falling over into 3-4 foot of snow going up the side of the yard. I ended up rolling up the hill to replace the thermometer. All out of breath and panting like a dog who just ran 5 miles in 105 degree heat before I was done. I think that I need to give up the smokes. Thank you very much Ann, we got it done.

A shout out from the Henchmen to the boys back home.

I got an email from Marv from Wisconsin today telling me he blew out his knee riding on the bumpy trails this weekend. Below is a picture of his x-ray. I hope you get better soon Marv.



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