1-29-15 8:30am

Weather: Temps dropping through out today and a couple inches of snow tonight is likely

Trail Conditions: Good to OK to Bad

Ann thanks again for the thermometer, but I had a problem, the blue face would not pick up on the web cam. Dan brought in a white faced thermometer that I put up. Thank you both very much for thinking of us.

Only click on the google ads if you are interested in the products they advertise, it looks like some readers are clicking a bunch of times and google is going to get pissed at me.

As far as trail conditions go, I really can’t say, I took yesterday off. Outside of going down to Fish Tales for lunch, I was in bed all day. The pics Mike posted on trail 8 looked great, let’s hope the rest of our trails are just as flat. I’ll post conditions later tonight after I talk with riders that come in today.


Snowmobile Detour the red shows were the trail was and the green is showing the detour. Using the Lake will get you into Bergland the fastest when coming from the west. This will be the route for the rest of the year, they are doing work on the closed section.

A frustrated wife buys a pair of crotchless panties in an attempt to
spice up her dead sex-life.  She puts them on, together with a short
skirt and sits on the sofa opposite her husband sipping a glass of wine.
At strategic moments she uncrosses her legs wide enough that her husband asks,
“Are you wearing crotchless panties?”
“Y-e-s,” she answers with a seductive smile.
“Thank God – I thought you were sitting on the cat.”

He never saw the glass coming

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