2-1-15 10:30am

Weather: Cold and a chance of snow this week.

Trail Conditions: Good to OK

We were pretty busy at the bar yesterday and I didn’t get a chance to ask many people about the trails. But the good news is I usually hear when they are bad, so I am assuming things were in pretty good shape overall. I had to run to Ewen in the morning and noticed sleds running down 8 east. It didn’t look totally smooth as sleds were bouncing a bit, but didn’t look rough from what I could see. With cold temps ahead and groomers going out every chance they can get conditions should only get better.

I heard people complaining about the DNR being around yesterday. Riders continue to use the State Highways and railroad tracks, also with 2 deaths and multiple accidents I have heard about, I am sure that is why they were here. Locals call and complain when sleds are riding the tracks and riding down the highways, the DNR has no choice but to respond. It is the IDIOTS that were here last weekend that bring the DNR and Police this weekend.

The snowmobile detour on trail 8 adds a lot of miles coming to Bergland from the west, unless you take the Lake.

Snowmobile Detour the red shows were the trail was and the green is showing the detour. Using the Lake will get you into Bergland the fastest when coming from the west. This will be the route for the rest of the year, they are doing work on the closed section.

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