2-5-15 10am

Weather: An inch or so, and colder than a Witches’s titty (Sorry Harvey)

Trail Conditions: Good

We got an inch maybe two the last few days, a nice refresh for the trails. Conditions are good and some probably very good across our trail system. Ironwood seems to be having grooming problems though from what I hear. I am ordering extra beef so get your asses up here.

The weather station at the bar is up and running good. You can click on Bergland Bay Bar on weather Underground and even pull up data that was reported every 5 minutes to see what overnight temperatures were. Right now it only has a few days of data, but it will show monthly averages for all you weather geeks out there.

The snowmobile detour on trail 8 adds a lot of miles coming to Bergland from the west, unless you take the Lake.

Snowmobile Detour the red shows were the trail was and the green is showing the detour. Using the Lake will get you into Bergland the fastest when coming from the west. This will be the route for the rest of the year, they are doing work on the closed section.

I was standing at the bar in Wells, Nevada and this small Chinese guy comes in, stands next to me and starts drinking a beer.

I asked him, “Do you know any of those martial arts things, like Kung-Fu, Karate or Ju-Jitsu?”

He says “No, why the fruck you ask me that?  Is it because I am Chinese?”

“No”, I said, “It’s because you’re drinking my beer, you little prick.

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