1-18-15 10:30pm

Weather: Cold, and I mean real cold

Trail Conditions: Good to Very good

Thursday February 19th Nick Keller, Mike Peters, Brian Peters and friends are doing the 2015 Valentine’s Day 500. They will be riding 500 miles in one day raising money for Cancer Patients. As I did last year we will again be raising the prices of our sandwiches, but I will donate your total food bill to Snowball Cancer. Last year we raised over $1000. I also have a pledge sheet at the bar if you would just like to donate cash. Or go to Nick’s website and you can donate there. His web site is Click here¬†Nick has over 90,000 miles on his Yamaha and is going to ride it until it hits 99,956 miles. Age 56 is when his mother Mary Jane passed away. You can also donate online at Click here

You can follow them live Click Here¬†tomorrow on their journey. It’s pretty cool stuff, or tomorrow pretty cold stuff.

Trails are great, with this cold they are going to last a while. I have an opening in the little house for Feb 26,27 & 28. Call or email me if you are interested.

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