1-20-15 10am

Weather: A little warmer the next two days

Trail Conditions: Good to Very good

Nick, Mike and the guys came in about 10:30pm last night with 500 miles on their sleds. The coldest Valentine’s Day 500 to date. They did have a few mishaps along the way, two down sleds and a third that hit a tree. But the ride was a success. We raised $1048 at the bar between pledges and food sales. A Special thanks goes out to Chuck Weygand Jr. VP of Professional Health Care Staffing from Ottawa Illinois, Chuck had me add up all the pledges and matched what was on the sheet. Thank you Chuck from everyone involved, I’m sure Nick will make sure the money goes where it is needed the most. I am going to bust into Becker’s piggy bank while she is asleep and kick in a few more bucks. Thank you everyone for making this another successful Valentine’s Day 500.

I am going to be short staffed for a few hours this morning, I won’t be cooking beefs until about 2:30 today.

Not much I can say about trail conditions, they are hard flat and smooth with not a lot of traffic. Get you asses up here and enjoy the best conditions we have had all year. The only ones I have heard to avoid are the access trail to the Hoop and 11N.

St. Peter is shaking his head while looking in The Book Of Names.   Asking the man did you not do anything good during your life?   The man replies, oh yes. and explains that this big mean biker was slapping up some girl.  That’s when I put my finger in the bikers face and told him to leave that girl alone or I’ll,  I’ll.    The biker then said or you’ll what.     Or I’ll kick your motorcycle over.   Being no match for the biker I realized I was in too deep and couldn’t back down.  I was thinking just maybe the biker might have some compassion and let all this pass.  But no, he dared me.  St. Peter said go on what happened next.  Well I raised my foot and kicked that motorcycle as hard as I could.  The bike went down and pieces and parts went everywhere.  St. Peter said that was very courageous of you, and when did all of this happen.   Man looked at his watch and said about 10 minutes ago.

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