3-10-15 10am

Weather: Another warm one

Trail Conditions: Not going to last.

If you are up here enjoy. If you are home, I would not even consider it. Temps hit 52 degrees yesterday as Becker and I were out running around. Funny thing is the trails looked good from the road as went drove to Ontonagon, Rockland and down to Kenton to visit my favorite bar owner Jane at Hoppys. By 6pm Riders in our bar said trails were going to mush. 34 degrees was the lowest I seen on my weather station for an overnight temp. And we are headed back up to 50 today. I think it is safe to say that you can stick a fork in us, we are done for. A week from now temps are below freezing for a high, but there is a lot of warm weather in between.

If you still got to try and ride one more time, call up in the Keewenaw, they usually last a while longer than us. Their temps are 5-10 degrees colder too.

I know I hit a sore spot for some on the Ban the Can thing, I guess in a way I probably meant to. I even realize their are responsible riders out there that don’t Brapp in town or while waiting at the gas stations. But the ones that are doing this crap are causing major problems for us. (And you too as riders) Look at my Face Book Page and see what this kid named Kacee wrote yesterday, “You know you live in a snowmobile town it’s been that way for years you don’t like the sound of them move the fuck out into the country”

With an attitude like that do you see why locals up here do not like snowmobilers? One of him negates thousands of good people like yourselves. I think drastic times call for drastic measures, we are in jeopardy of losing a major trail corridor Between Ironwood and Bergland just because of loud sleds and riders going off trail onto private property. People that come up here for 2-3 days and have no respect for people that live here or their property. And then they go back home where they wouldn’t put up with that shit in their back yard.
The other issue that comes up when you mention loud sleds is loud Harleys. Folks it is apples and oranges. Trails go through private property and we are at the landowners mercy to keep them open. It is a different fight.


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