3-11-15 9:30am

Weather: Only high 40’s today

Trail Conditions: Not going to last.

Once again if you are here enjoy what you can, I’m sure there are still good trails out in the woods. I wouldn’t drive far to get here though unless something changes drastically. Usually March throws us a few storms, no one around here has taken off their snowplow yet.

I would have been off on my ride this week but I ended up with a few personnel issues I had to deal with along with having cooler problems at the bar. The new part is coming in Thursday for the cooler so things should get back to normal. I scheduled the girls to work this week so Becker and I could both have off, so I think I missed this years ride.

Janye your Mostaccioli’s were the best I ever had. Thank you, or should I thank Jay and the boys for not eating all of them.

Woman’s Medical Examination


During a woman’s medical examination, the doctor says, “Your heart,  lungs, pulse and blood pressure are all fine.
Now let me see the part that gets  you ladies into all kinds of trouble.”

The lady starts taking off her panties but is interrupted by the doctor.
“No! No! …. Just stick out your tongue!”

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