April Fools

Weather: 50’s and rain.

Trail Conditions: Muddy.

Happy April Fool’s day Everyone. Warm and rainy up here today, time to get rid of the brown snow laying around. It’s pretty ugly here, lots of sand in the snow banks where we have plowed. Nothing some warm weather and sunshine won’t fix. There is still a lot of ice out on the Lake, but hopefully that will break up this month, April 22-23 is about the average when the ice totally goes off of Lake Gogebic. That’s about all we have to look forward to right now, watching ice melt.

I couldn’t help but over-hear two guys in their mid-twenties while sitting at the bar last night. 
One of the guys says to his buddy: 
“Man you look tired.”
His buddy says: 
“Man I’m exhausted”.
My girlfriend and I have sex all the time. She’s after me 2 and 3 times a day,​ I just  don’t know what to do.
A  fellow about my age (70+), sitting  next to them,  also overheard  the  conversation. He looked over at the two young  men and with the wisdom of years says:                                              Marry her, That’ll put a stop to that shit.

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