Weather: 70’s and Thunderstorms.

Rain today, good no chance of going out in that damn boat again. Don’t get me wrong it was a fun time, but today I can feel the sunburn kicking in. I am blaming it all on Becker though, she is the one that kept saying “take your shirt off, take your pants off, the sun feels great.” The sun was out for abut half of our 6 your ride, funny how you can still get a burn when the sun is behind the clouds.

The boat we bought ran great though, we were running for about 4 &1/2 hours and only went through 1/8 of a tank of gas. We actually went around the entire lake and bay, only stopping at Fish Tales where I always seem to get their Black and Blue Burger which was great, and then a friends house in the Bay for a short visit.

There were lots of boats out on the Lake, I have never been out there on opening day before, this was probably the best weather we have had, maybe not for fishing, but for boating it was great.

Took a pic of Mom’s house from the lake, can’t wait to close next weekend.



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