Weather: Who cares, I just want to go home.

A day ahead of schedule down here in lovely Indiana, now to just get Mom and me home. The lady at the liquor store told me Bush Light is a premium beer down here, how screwed up is that? I sell it cheaper in the bar than it cost in the liquor store down here. I guess if that is the only thing I have to bitch about I am doing pretty good.

The plane ride down was interesting, smallest plane I was ever on. 4 hour delay in takeoff but not Ironwood fault, bad weather in Chicago had things backed up. Kudos to the Captain who kept pushing Chicago to let us leave. The airport cooked us pizza because we were so late. Only in the UP my friends.

Well it is 5am and I have been up for an hour,  came to brother Pats to sleep last night in Portage, hard to sleep when you got lots on your mind, as soon as everyone wakes up it will be back to Demotte to finish loading and then UP bound.

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