Weather: Gloomy and cooler.

Hey Fish Tales, thanks for the chicken and dessert. They were both delicious. Nothing like a good breast when you are home alone.

Weather looks goofy for a while, few days of partly cloudy, few days of rain then back to sunshine and warm.

Not much else going on, gonna stop and mom’s and do a few sonny doos and then clean the rental for some folks that are coming in Thursday.

Three women are playing the 4th hole at Crow Canyon Golf course when a naked man wearing a bag over his head jumps from the trees and runs across the green.

The 3 women look and are in shock at the enormous size of his manhood.
The first woman says, “Well he definitely is not my husband.”
The second woman looks at his manhood and says, “He for sure is not my husband.”
The third woman takes a good look and says ” He’s not even a member of this club.”

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