Weather: Still Beautiful.

Happy September………Nothing but sunshine and lollypops up here. Well a little cloudy and chances of rain, but who cares when you live in the UP. We are looking at going for an ATV ride on Friday, gonna be near 90 degrees, maybe we can get a little rain so the dust won’t be too bad.

I got a few of the web cam links working, bare with me, I’ll work on them again tonight.

“Daddy, where did I come from?” seven-year-old Rachel asks. It is a moment for which her parents have carefully prepared. They take her into the living room, get out several other books, and explain all they think she should know about sexual attraction, affection, love, and reproduction. Then they both sit back and smile contentedly. “Does that answer your question?” the mom asks. “Not really,” the little girl says. “Judy said she came from Detroit. I want to know where I came from.”

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